BABELVERSE: Starting with a vision

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GREECE: Farmers protesting

Jan 20 : Farmers block roads, close airport

Jan 26 : Greek farmers block more roads in growing protest

Feb 2 :

Riot police clash with protesting Greek farmers

Main checkpoint between Bulgaria and Greece closed until February 4

Feb 3 : Police Clash With Greek Farmers for Second Day

Feb 7 :

Farmers open border as talks begin : Farmers on the Bulgarian border yesterday lifted a two-week blockade in an “act of good will” as unionists met Agriculture Minister Sotiris Hatzigakis in Athens.

Farmers begin pullout from Promahonas roadblock : The withdrawal of about 400 tractors that had assembled at the roadblock is expected to be completed on Sunday. According to the president of the “Non-Aligned Farmers”, “the farmers are withdrawing from their mobilisations fully satisfied with the commitments of the Agricultural Development minister.” He added, however, that they will be renewing their rendezvouz on March 20 “in the event that their demands are not met and they have not received the compensation they are entitled to.”