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RFID passports
A small part of the battle in the war against RFID beacons in US passports has been won. The State Department now admits that their previous RFID proposal would put Americans at risk and is now considering other options.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the State Department continues to blindly cling to the false promise of planting RFID chips in passports.

In order to make RFID technology safer, the State Department claims to be planning two things. First, they say will put a metallic lining inside RFID passport covers — a tinfoil hat, so to speak — to prevent the passport from being snooped when closed. In addition, they claim the RFID chip itself will be encrypted so that it cannot be read when the passport is open: the chip will only broadcast your personal information once it’s been swiped through an optical reader.

New York Times

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SECURITY: Chip with unique ID implanted under skin

I don’t know if people know about this, but it is quite alarming.
I’ll just quote VeriChip’s own corporate site because it’s clear enough :
“Security at the subcatenous level is now possible with world’s first implantable microchip for humans”.
“Each chip has a unique identification number (VeriChipID) . Once implanted, they lie dormant, but can be read by any VeriChip scanner, wich then links to an online database containing data such as identity / personal and financial information”.
It works with RFID technology, meaning it emits a radio signal wich can be read by VeriChip’s proprietary scanners (and probably hacked one day or the other).

The company is clearly trying to stress the (positive) medical applications.
But it also states it’s goals (security, defense, homeland security and secure-access applications) :
* Controlling access to Intellectual Property
* Managing and tracking physical and intellectual assets
* Personal identification for use in credit card and ATM access, airport security, etc
* Enabling innovative time and attendance systems
* Providing automated data collection and monitoring platforms