INTERNET: Anti-DRM for iTunes

Jon Johansen (the guy who cracked DVDs) is worth his weight in gold.

He just released JusteTune for windows. If you have music you bought from the iTunes store just drag and drop it into his program and it will erase ALL restrictions on the file. No more transfer or burn limits. Probably the coolest part, it will directly edit the file so you don’t have to re-add and delete the original.

INTERNET: Fully Immersive Spherical Projection System for Virtual Reality

Interesting concept for simulating a virtual world, the user is inside and can move around in a natural way, thus controlling his environment.

The page says the product would be manufactered in 18 months, but the site has visibly not been updated. The project might have been suspended.

But we can still imagine such a device beeing used someday. Are we headed for a world were everyone stays at home in his virtual world, using a new “virtual reality internet” to communicate and work with each other? Seems a possibilty…

See the site (update 2007/05 : now offline, available via

INTERNET: Internet and the media in 2014

A very nice flash movie by “The Museum of Media History” which charts the real and potential evolution of media from 1984 up until 2014 : that should make us all think about what is happenning right now online and in the media :

Transcript here :

I personnaly think there is too much simplification, but the main message is stll very stong.

Feel free to drop your comments…