GREECE: Political situation in Greece

Greek government rejects call for early election : Greece’s governing conservatives rejected an opposition call Thursday for an early election due to the economic crisis.

Prime Minister Karamanlis on farmers protests : “causing social unrest and conflict situations is not useful to anyone. Farmers do not benefit by adopting practices detrimental to economy and society. Therefore, opposition parties SYNASPISMOS and PASOK cannot maintain that it is a ‘matter of freedom’ to protest on the streets of the nation’s capital. The opposition is in error if it thinks that can capitalize farmers’ struggles in such a way.”

Athens Mayor Kaklamanis sharply criticises left opposition and calls for local referendums after the cuting of 12 trees for the construction of an underground car park raised an outcry, opponents criticized the land development plan, charging that the construction of a large department store mall in Votanikos violates environmental and town planning codes. The mayor claimed the prospect of local referendums would free the municipality “from the stranglehold of the minority and the bureaucracy-bound procedures that systematically hinder the implementation of decisions related to the solving of critical problems and the improvement of citizens’ quality of life.”

Results of three new polls indicate liquidity in the political stage as the gap between the two large parties ND and PASOK changes depending on election procedure. The opposition insists on the holding of early elections while the Government underlines that its only orientation is completion of its target. On the poll by MRB on behalf of “Eleftheros Typos”, PASOK is 3.9% ahead with ND party gathering 28.6% of votes against 32.5% of PASOK, followed by GCP 7.2%, SYRIZA 7.8%, LAOS 4.7% and undecided 15%. (more results available here)

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