SECURITY: U.K. man arrested, fined for using open WiFi signal

Looks like Florida isn’t the only place where you can get arrested for “borrowing” bandwidth as it floats past you. Word is that U.K. police recently arrested a man for using an open WiFi signal. According to reports, Gregory Straszkiewicz, 24, was found guilty of “dishonestly obtaining an electronic communications service” and “possessing equipment for fraudulent use of a communications service” after he was found logging on with a laptop outside an apartment building. Straszkiewicz was fined £500 ($872) and given a year’s probation; he also had his laptop confiscated. We’re not experts on U.K. law, and the details of this case are pretty sketchy, but it still seems to us that just standing around and accessing the internet via an open network doesn’t exactly constitute “fraudulent use” of anything.

More info… – Source : En gadget

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