TECHNOLOGY: Breakthrough in “robotic animal” research

A mouse can “understand” human speech! Recently, it was observed at the Robot Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong University of Science and Technology that five mice with micro electrodes implanted on their heads obeyed the computer-generated commands of the research staff, correctly completing commands to, in succession, “turn left”, “turn right” and “move forward”.

“Animal robots”, also known as “robotic animals” or “intelligent animals”, are animals whose nervous systems are controlled by human electronic signals, turning them into “robotic” animals. Shandong University’s recently completed this series of experiments, using the computer to generate a set of rhythmic electronic signal/codes that were transmitted to the mice brain through the implanted electrodes to reach certain neuro networks that have specialized functions, making the white mice realize left turn, right turn and march forward movements under the control of this neural network.

Project manager Su Xuecheng said that animal robot research is the intersection and merger of electronic communication and biology, creating a new scientific discipline. Following the maturation of this research project, “human electronic signals” will be “life-like” enough to actually or basically resemble signals generated by the body and the brain. At that time, putting computer chips implants inside animals will replace certain neurons of the animals in controlling certain behavior, or replace certain human damaged nerves to help the disabled to recover.

(Source: Chinanews)